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How 1+1 Can Sometimes Equal 3…Think About Adding a New Provider

How 1+1 Can Sometimes Equal 3…Think About Adding a New Provider

You’ve worked hard to build a thriving podiatry practice. Although you’re proud of the treatment you offer patients, you want to do more. You want to grow. Here’s a look at a few reasons to consider expanding and adding a new provider:

  • Patients have to wait several weeks (or months!) for appointments. To grow your practice, you have to see new patients. However, if they are forced to wait an unreasonable amount of time to be seen, they’ll likely seek care elsewhere.
  • You feel you don’t spend enough time with patients. Devoting more time to each patient will allow you to provide a higher quality of care, making people feel like their feet are in good hands with your practice. Doing so also frequently raises your per visit revenue, making your practice more profitable.
  • You want to offer new services that are outside of your core competency. Adding another doctor whose skills expand your practice can allow you to better serve existing patients and attract new business.
  • You’re planning to open a second location. Obviously, you can’t be in two places at once. Expanding your footprint (no pun intended) will often necessitate a new provider.

Next, assuring a good fit is the most challenging aspect of recruiting a new physician since you may not really know each other until you start working together. So it’s smart to define what you want in a physician and what your expectations are in terms of workload. Then develop a job description that makes these things clear. Use these tools to measure the candidates’ fit with your practice and to give them an understanding of the job responsibilities.

It’s also important to share the practice’s philosophy with the new doctor. This begins with discussing your practice’s mission and vision for the future, and what drives the physician owners.

Once you make a decision and select a new provider to join you, it’s important to allow plenty of planning time. There is a lot to do to assure a smooth transition and it will involve both management and staff. This includes everything from credentialing the new physician and announcing their arrival, to making sure there are adequate staff and space to accommodate the new patients. Also, the physician will need to be trained in advance on how to use TRAKnet®. Much like you will likely need an attorney to put together the contract, it’s wise to outsource the EHR training endeavor so that you and your staff can focus on all of the other parts of this project, as well as patient care.

There’s a lot to do but adding a physician could be a very lucrative decision for your practice. Remember…

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle”

~ Napoleon Hill

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