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Getting Started

Get Started with TRAKnet EHR

Once your TRAKnet EHR demo is complete and you’ve decided to make the investment to start simplifying your practice, the NEMO Health team will help your office through a smooth transition with our customizable implementation and training process.

While changing EHR and practice management software is a big decision due to training and workflow interruptions, NEMO Health is here to make it as painless as possible for your practice to make the switch. Your practice is unique, and we ensure your particular requirements are catered to throughout the conversion.

Please be sure to check out our system requirements for using TRAKnet, to ensure it can properly adapt with your technology.


Unlimited Support

In addition to TRAKnet, NEMO Health provides unlimited phone and online support to physicians at no additional cost—a resource that cannot be found with competing healthcare technology providers. We acutely understand the value of a doctor’s time and the sense of urgency in assisting patients, which is why we have invested so much capital and energy into our technology and customer service systems.

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