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Blog Post!

Blog Post!

Okay, “fun” might be a stretch. But there are ways independent physicians can help staff adapt to the new type of normal developing in their practice. From personalized face masks to staff venting sessions, here are some ideas for helping your practice adjust to the new normal as painlessly as possible.


Perhaps the biggest part of the new normal is the increase in required PPE. You can make face masks and face shields more tolerable by simply sizing them correctly and ensuring staff are comfortable. Masks aren’t going away anytime soon, so it’s best to make sure you’re getting quality PPE that promotes both comfort and safety. NEMO Health was honored to donate PPE to all of our clients and some of our other industry colleagues. Supplies are still available when registering for a new account with our inventory management partner,


There’s no doubt that additional sanitizing procedures are necessary nowadays, but extra cleaning is probably slowing things down just when you’re trying to pick business back up. To make cleaning easier for staff, consider designating a different cleaning leader each day or assign cleaning buddies so the work goes faster. If possible, purchase products that will be gentler on skin or have a decreased chemical smell. Cleaning is critical for safety, so we need to make it as quick and easy as possible.

Personal Check-Ins

Let’s be honest, when your staff members tell you they are “fine” every day during this crazy year, they’re probably not. No one is fine right now. Start short, personal check-ins with staff where you let them be honest, give suggestions, vent problems, etc. This shows them you are there for them as more than a boss, and you may even discover other ways to make things fun from the feedback staff members give during these sessions.

Flexible Staff Scheduling

Things today can change on a dime. If people need to quarantine after possible exposure or childcare shuts down early and they need to leave suddenly, it can greatly throw off your planned scheduling. Do your best to make your schedule as flexible as possible with clear contingency plans and backups for emergencies. The sooner you let staff know about these changes, the better—they’re already dealing with so much uncertainty.

Automating Tasks

Taking any task off your staff members’ plates will not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Automation is a beautiful thing, and programs like TRAKnet offer multiple ways to increase efficiency – from time-saving templates to e-Prescribing and supply. Using the My Supply Manager within DocShop Pro also helps track your supply inventory and reorder with a click of a button, so you never run out.

Although times are stressful and we’re all adjusting to the new normal, there are plenty of things podiatrists can do to make life easier and the days less stressful for staff. Be open to changing times and keep a positive outlook. Your upbeat attitude is sure to inspire others, and maybe even a little fun.