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Happy Employees Make a Good Practice Even Better

Happy Employees

Happy Employees Make a Good Practice Even Better

As a podiatry practice, it’s great to have knowledgeable providers, the best location, and the latest treatments and tools. But more critical than that is having the right staff and keeping them around. The average cost of replacing a mid-level employee is estimated at 21% of their annual salary. Not to mention the further negative impacts on your practice such as the productivity loss, the stress it places on other employees to make up the work, and the time and effort needed to hire and train a new staff member. Avoid losing your best team members by following these tips.

Safety & Certainty

In these Covid times, employees mostly want to know that their safety and care are your top priority. Without healthy and happy staff, your practice cannot run. Give them certainty that you are doing all you can to keep them safe and then back up that assurance with action. The same goes for providing the safety and certainty that employees won’t lose their jobs if it can at all be avoided.


Work without purpose has no heart behind it. And purpose cannot be felt unless employees are recognized for the contributions they are making to the practice’s goals and values. In short, workers want to know their duties have meaning. Managers or providers should supply genuine, positive feedback on a regular basis. Be sure to connect how that worker’s good action led to a positive business or social outcome.


Sir Richard Branson says, “Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” Having great employees means developing their professional and interpersonal skills. Professional development in the podiatry field may involve helping medical assistants become x-ray technicians or even making sure everyone is proficient at a comprehensive scheduling, charting, and billing system like TRAKnet EHR. Show your employees that you’re willing and ready to invest in helping them be the best employee they can be.


Everyone likes getting something extra, so of course, this applies to your staff too. While monetary bonuses are welcome, money is not the top motivator for staff. Try rewarding each team member with a bonus paid day off or plan to bring lunch for everyone on a particularly busy or stressful day. Any perks will be highly appreciated.

Your business is built by the hard work of your employees. Creating a supportive environment where staff and providers can prosper together is critical. Call NEMO Health at (248) 213-9900, ext. 1 to see how we can help your practice thrive. Make things easier on your staff by getting the most out of TRAKnet and all of its partner integrations in the coming year.