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Why NEMO Health Medical Billing?

Why NEMO Health Medical Billing?

Providers often wonder if they should use their own staff for medical billing. As a critical aspect of your revenue cycle management, whether you outsource billing or not can make a real difference in your bottom line. Here are just a few reasons to consider NEMO Health Medical Billing:

We’re Your Billing Partner, Not Just an External Service

NEMO Health Medical Billing has a shared interest in your success. The quarterly advisory calls our full service clients have with podiatry-specific billing experts are designed to not just maintain your current cash flow, but help your practice grow. Outsourcing to an independent, third-party billing company might make you feel like your practice is getting lost in the shuffle.

Eliminate the Need to Micromanage

When your billing staff is in-house, it leaves you open to the urge of micromanaging, adding another task to your already-full plate. NEMO Health Medical Billing can alleviate the feeling that you need to check in all the time, while still providing full transparency and the ability to view claims activity through TRAKnet at your convenience.

More Billing = More Staff

The bigger your practice gets, the more billing staff you will need if you keep this activity in-house. This can become very costly with added salaries and the time and effort it takes to hire. With NEMO Health Medical Billing, you don’t need to worry about growing a bigger team as your practice grows.

Limited Resources

In-house staff may be good processing claims, but it takes more than billing to actually collect payments. NEMO Health Medical Billing has additional resources and experts to help full service clients with denials, non-payments, and other aspects of collections.

Whether you’re picking your billing system for the first time or are thinking about switching away from in-house medical billing, it’s important to consider all the aspects. With rates as low as 2.9% we’re sure to have an option for you!

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