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Partner Profile: DocShop Pro

Partner Profile: DocShop Pro

DocShop Pro is an integrated ePurchasing and Supply Manager Program that allows Podiatry Practices to order directly from major manufacturers and distributors in one intuitive order platform. Users have access to incredible savings thanks to DocShop Pro’s negotiated pricing. DocShop works with multiple vendors so users can do all their shopping on one website.

DocShop users can manage inventory seamlessly and instantly by using the Customizable My Supply Manager to create low-inventory thresholds. These thresholds will notify your purchasing director when products need to be restocked. All of this is managed easily with their tablet tracking system. In addition, the software also comes with an expiration tracker. Practices have the option to sell, give away or dump expiring products before their expirations dates. They also integrate with EHR’s such as TRAKnet. Over 300 of our clients are signed up. Practices can sign up for free here!

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