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5 Reasons Practices Should Consider Moving EHR to the Cloud

5 Reasons Practices Should Consider Moving EHR to the Cloud

Moving an EHR system from a server to the cloud can be a daunting decision. While change is often intimidating, the long-term benefits of cloud hosting can be incredible. Here are a few reasons why you may want to move your EHR system to the Cloud.

1. Implementation

Simply put, it takes much less time to install a cloud-based system compared to a server-based system. Implementation is much less time-consuming with Cloud-based systems. Practices can prevent interruption of cash flow and get a faster return on investment with an implementation process much quicker than traditional client-server systems.

2. HIPAA Compliance and High-Level Encryption

Cloud-based EHR systems feature high encryption backup and security measures in order to protect practices from data breaches. Systems like NEMO Health’s Cloud Solution even saves data automatically every five minutes! HIPPA compliant systems make sure your practice can avoid penalties from any potential HIPPA violations. In comparison, many server systems are left unencrypted and only secure as the room where they are stored.

3. Reduction in IT Resources

Server-based practices often require on-site IT staff and resources. With Cloud-based EHR systems, all updates are handled by the software provider and distributed over the Web. There’s no need for an onsite IT Team to install and hardware. This way your staff can focus on patients.

4. Accessibility

You are able to log into Cloud-based systems anywhere there is an internet connection. This makes it easy for physicians and staff to access the system outside of the office and collaborate more effectively while maintaining a secure environment.

5. Scalability

Growing practices can expand without the typical IT pains. Users can effortlessly add new doctors, medical staff and locations to the program. The flexibility of cloud data storage allows practices to grow without breaking the bank.

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