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Featured Partner of The Week: InterFAX

Featured Partner of The Week: InterFAX

In this week’s partner profile, we’ll be taking a look InterFAX. InterFAX has been offering computer-based faxing services since 1996. They enable practices to send and receive faxes easily and cost-effectively while continuing to meet the demands of businesses. Integrated faxing, allowing for practices to send notes, documents, etc. electronically, saving practices time and money. Users can send and receive faxes within TRAKnet and they only have to pay for the service that they use. They comply with various global security and privacy standards including HIPPA. Over 50 of our clients are currently signed up! For more information on how InterFAX works with TRAKnet, please email Mark Hardin director of InterFAX client services at Visit their website by clicking the link here!