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What is your MIPS goal for 2019?

What is your MIPS goal for 2019?

Make sure you are collecting the right data now!

Complying with MIPS necessitates strategic decisions in advance. Providers who wish to collect data for the purpose of receiving possible incentive payments or avoidance of penalties, must collect the appropriate data, which ultimately might depend upon which registry you choose to submit through at the end of the reporting period.

NEMO Health has always trained TRAKnet users on collecting Quality Measures. This initiative, and these very podiatry friendly measures, have been the foundation of our training for the past 6 years. Now, with the evolution of MACRA along with hundreds of different registries to submit data through, it’s crucial that you plan in advance and know what measures the registry of your choice focuses on. Some registries focus on Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs), which differ from Quality Measures, and can only be submitted to that registry through a QRDA file.

If you plan on using such a registry for your 2019 data reporting, you must IMMEDIATELY learn and collect the relevant Clinical Quality Measures in TRAKnet so that you can use our QRDA file to submit to your registry at the end of the reporting period. Failing to do so will result in your file being empty.

Plan in advance and take action NOW so that you don’t lose MIPS points by collecting data that is not used by your choice of registry. Our registry partner, MedXpress, focuses on Quality Measures that are very familiar to our TRAKnet users and does not require a QRDA file. For more information visit our MIPS Resource Center and our TRAKnet eQMs Instructions Page.