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Investing in Success

Investing in Success

Investing in our client’s practices is NEMO Health’s number one priority. I learned many years ago that a service business thrives when they provide more than just their basic service. Those who truly invest in their customers can compete beyond price in any market.

Many years ago I was invited to speak at the APMA National Conference being held that year in Boston Massachusetts. Since my entire staff was interested in going, I decided to make a fun office event out of the trip. At the time, I owned a large RV and decided to travel to Boston with the staff “party bus style”. There was an RV park located about 15 miles from the convention center where I would park and then everyone could take cabs to the hotel where they had rooms booked. Since I loved camping, I was going to stay at the RV park and take a cab to the convention center the morning of my presentation. To make it easier, I decided that I was going to dress for the presentation once I arrived at the hotel.

Well I arrived at the hotel about 45 minutes prior to my presentation and realized that my suit bag did not have my dress shirt in it. The shirt was left back at the RV park. I was in big trouble!

With 45 minutes remaining, I went to the concierge desk in a panic asking if there was a men’s clothing store within walking distance. Unfortunately, the gentleman at the desk informed me that all clothing stores were closed on Sunday. But he saw the panic in my face and the beads of sweat on my forehead and calmly stated “sir, I will be right back. Don’t leave.”

A few minutes later, he reappeared wearing only a T-shirt and holding a neatly folded white dress shirt. He looked at me and said “Sir, here at the Marriott, we simply will not let our customers fail. I just put this shirt on an hour ago and I want you to wear it for your presentation.” This man literally gave me the shirt off his back!

That lesson that day taught me that companies who truly invest in the success of their customers, as opposed to those who merely provide their basic service, will outperform their competitors each and every time. I have since been a loyal customer to Marriott.

Is your billing company completely invested in the success of your podiatry practice, or are they just providing their basic service? Do they help you identify areas for profitability improvement, or are they just going through the motions of processing claims? While we may never have the opportunity to literally give you the shirts off of our backs, the consulting that is included with our medical billing service at NEMO Health certainly can improve your practice. To learn more, please reach out to me at