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How “Bundling” Can Lead to More Business

How “Bundling” Can Lead to More Business

The more you buy, the more you save. That’s the theory behind bundling. Bundling is all the rage these days for streaming and software services. Why not implement that in your podiatry practice? Bringing ideas, services, and products together can increase value for your patients. Try bundling in these different ways!

Services & Products

A great way to bundle is to combine services with packages of the products that go with them. For example, a comprehensive bundle for athlete’s foot might include an in-office evaluation and treatment combined with a package of topical anti-fungal cream, sweat-wicking socks, and a shoe dryer. Heel pain bundles might include an office visit and taping combined with a night splint. Any common combinations can easily be rebranded as bundles rather than separate services and products.

Services & Services

Sometimes it makes sense to double up on a service. For example, you can bundle laser therapy sessions into tiered packages based on the number of sessions. Patients who purchase a laser therapy package for fungal nails can then bundle that treatment with something similar, such as a package for spider vein removal. It’s particularly beneficial to package services for your cash pay patients, who may be more inclined to purchase several treatments if there is a combo price.

Products & Products

Who can resist a good BOGO (buy one, get one) sale? Many consumers find themselves buying two or three of something because the item is discounted when purchased in multiples. The same goes for bundling different products. Try surprising patients by bundling unexpected items such as compression hose with CBD oil, then explain how both of these help with inflammation and blood flow. Or create bundles for custom orthotics paired with orthopedic shoes. The possibilities are endless.

Additional Tips

Remember, the more you bundle together (and the more you discount), the higher the perceived value of the package. Here are some additional tips to keep in mind:

  • When faced with three options, consumers tend to choose mid-range packages most often, so place the package you want to sell the most of as your middle option.

  • Advertise your bundles! If patients don’t know you offer packages or combo discounts, they may not be buying your product or service bundles.

  • Be sure to deliver on your bundle offer. That means keeping items in stock during sales or making room in the schedule for promoted service packages.

  • Use TRAKnet and DocShop Pro to keep things organized and never run out of bundled items. Get more info.