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Coronavirus Blog #6….It’s Time to Take Stock in Yourself

Coronavirus Blog #6….It’s Time to Take Stock in Yourself

As we move through this pandemic, we have been perpetually warned about the several weeks that are now upon us. Based on the number of diagnosed cases and the typical incubation time to illness, we should expect to see an exponential rise in both caseload, as well as patient demise from COVID-19 over the next two weeks. It’s inevitable. It’s going to be an emotionally difficult time… not that the past few weeks haven’t been.

Social isolation, financial worries, and the fear of the virus itself are causing enormous changes in not only our lifestyle, but unless we are careful, changes in our body chemistry, and stress load as well. Over the next couple of weeks, it’s going to be important to divert your attention towards the “light at the end of the tunnel” and not the darkness of the tunnel itself. It’s time for you to take stock in yourself.

As the data exponentially grows and you choose to watch it obsessively, then you should also be looking for the light — the number of newly diagnosed cases each day beginning to fall. In Blog #5, I discussed Farr’s Law of Epidemiology. As with all epidemics in pandemics, a peak in newly diagnosed cases ultimately occurs and a cascading event follows. The number of hospitalizations soon begins to fall, followed by the number of deaths. The Law has already been witnessed in China, and even now in Italy.

Diversions are going to be important for us to manage the stress of the next two weeks or so. By spending time taking stock in yourself, you will be focusing on preparing to emerge from this crisis even better. First, decide where you are on this graphic:

Now is the time to put together an inventory of the things you have either accomplished or will be working on throughout the next several weeks. This inventory is merely an accounting mechanism for many of the strategies that I discussed in previous blogs. It might serve as a useful tool to help you migrate from the fear zone and into the growth zone.

Take an honest inventory of yourself. Your answers can tell you the obvious and help you identify what you need to improve. Working on any personal deficiencies will help you feel more productive, lead to a better sense of yourself, and assist you in diverting your attention for the next several weeks until the light at the end of the tunnel begins to shine brightly.

All of us at NEMO Health ask you to stay safe. Stay healthy. Be productive. And remember that this will pass.