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NEMO NOW SmartSheet 10 Tips

NEMO NOW SmartSheet 10 Tips

In this series of blog posts we’ll summarize what was covered in this week’s NEMO NOW Facebook Stream. The purpose of NEMO NOW is to answer any common questions that users may have in an interactive way.

This week Ron talked about SmartSheet 10 within TRAKnet. SmartSheet 10 is a tool that allows your office to create a list of commonly used ICD-10 codes, either based on the ICD-9 codes already being used by your office or manually from the ICD-10 Index, allowing for ease of access when needed most. Many of our clients have been calling in with questions as the features were launched over 3 years ago. He went over the following functions:
• How to edit SmartSheet 10

• One click select

• Accessing SmartSheet 10 directly from an encounter note

• Selecting ICD-10 codes

• Linking ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 codes

• Setting up insurances to take ICD-10 codes

More information can be found on our TRAKnet Wiki here. If you have a topic you would like Ron to cover, please email us at or send us a message on Facebook.