• Dr. Walter G. Warren, DPM, CPed

"Without regularly monitoring your RCM, you are driving blind and your practice is at risk&quot

I have been a disciple of Dr. John Guiliana since 2002 when I first heard him speak at the Midwest Podiatry Conference for the America Academy of Podiatric Practice Management (AAPPM). Over the years, I have learned a great deal from him regarding all aspects of podiatry through lectures, articles and personal conversation. More recently I had the opportunity to undergo a Virtual Practice Optimization (VPO) analysis as a TRAKnet user for our eight-physician practice with Dr. Guiliana. This is a wonderful tool that provided valuable, real-time information such as areas of deficiency, outliers, payer mix, per visit charge and per visit value/revenue.

We then shared this information with our doctors to help them optimize their services and our practice as a whole. During a follow-up call to review our findings, he identified one small change to one of our practitioners which can generate an additional $35,000 per year! He also provided an excellent picture of our Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) which is the most important division of a practice as it pertains to its cash flow. Without regularly monitoring your RCM, you are driving blind and your practice is at risk. Armed with this information from Dr. Guiliana, we now have a fighting chance against all the negatives and challenges of healthcare. I highly recommend TRAKnet and its VPO to all of my colleagues!

- Dr. Walter G. Warren, DPM, CPed

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