This is your ONE-STOP shop for all the information that you need regarding MIPS. Reading through this link will help you understand MIPS, how to capture and report MIPS using TRAKnet, and most importantly, help you understand the difference between the complicated Clinical Quality Measures (used by some registries) and the easier and more podiatry focused Quality Measures (used by MedXpress).”       

MIPS 2019

MIPS (Merit-based Incentive Program System) is a Medicare payment program that is intended to incentivize eligible clinicians to focus on the quality of care rather than quantity of care. MIPS streamlines and combines such currently legacy Medicare programs as meaningful use and PQRS.

Clinicians are scored based on the following areas:

  • Quality (formerly PQRS and CQMs)

  • Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use and Advancing Care Information)

  • Improvement Activities (expanding hours, improving outreach, etc.)

  • Cost (based on episode-specific costs reported on claims)


Using an EHR, like TRAKnet, can help clinicians easily report MIPS measures. Instructions for TRAKnet are included below.

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Dr. Jeffrey Lehrman
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Submitting 2018 MIPS

Data in

MedXpress Registry Upload Video Instructions:

Uploading to MedXpress Registry

TRAKnet was updated in February. Once users upgrade to the newest release, you can upload your MIPS data to the MedXpress Registry. For instructions, watch the video provided.

Uploading Using Other Registries

If you plan on submitting quality measures to any registry other than MedXpress, please ensure that your selected registry accepts the quality measures that you performed.


The many different registries all have different quality measures that they accept. NEMO Health has trained TRAKnet users on the quality measures that MedXpress accepts.


Please be aware that your MIPS score could be compromised if you submit to a registry and it does not accept the quality measures that you performed. See more info at eCQMs.

Do You Just Want To Stay Neutral?

In order to remain neutral for the 2018 reporting period and avoid a 2020 penalty under MIPS, a provider’s overall MIPS Composite Score must be 15.


In order to obtain this final score, a provider has multiple options, but here is the easiest method in our opinion:

Those TRAKnet users who are in groups of 15 or fewer and: 


  1. Allow patients to have 24/7 access to you or your covering provider….AND …

  2. You or your covering provider have 24/7 access to TRAKnet…AND…

  3. You provide same or next day appointments for emergencies


…..you can remain neutral by attesting to the Improvement Activity, "Provide 24/7 Access to MIPS Eligible Clinicians or Groups Who Have Real-Time Access to Patient's Medical Record”.  This activity can be found under the 6th subsection, Expanded Practice Access.

1. Reports > Quality Payment Program > Improvement Activities

2. Click Configure

3. Find the Improvement Activity you will perform in 2018.

4. Check off the select box next to the activity you will perform.

5. Click Save

Once complete, you can then register and submit (free) this improvement activity directly to CMS and there is no need for the MedXpress Registry.


Do you still have a question about MIPS?

Ask the expert here!


Please allow 24-48 hours for response. Thank you!



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